Born in California, raised in Washington, Lorene loved Seattle!   Little did she know she would end up in beautiful sunny California.  She loved where she was and never imagined she would actually leave and start a new adventure until......she met Tommy. Raised in Olympia WA, he later settled into the Seattle area and little did he know who he was about to cross paths with until.....through mutual friends they met in Pioneer Square at a little coffee shop called Zeitgist on a snowy day in the middle of December 2008.  It was pouring snow and Tommy was already there waiting for Lorene and for those of you who know her well.....she was lost! She couldn't find the coffee shop so she called Tommy and he patiently helped her find it.  They walked inside, grabbed coffees, sat in the corner and talked and talked. They had so much fun that morning that time just flew by as they enjoyed the company they were in.  Tommy then realized he was going to be late for an event he had to go to so he reluctantly had to leave.  (He later confessed that he wanted to invite Lorene to the event with him but didn't want to seem desperate) On their way out, a plant hanging from the ceiling outside the door of Zeitgist attacked him (actually he just ran into it....twice)!!!  Lorene took that opportunity to give him a hard time about it and it was that day they both realized the potential chemistry between them. And so it goes he asked her out again, and despite that he couldn't find his car after the movies on one date, lost his car again on another date shopping and yes, lost his car yet again on another date after dinner (parking garages are not his strong suit)....they continued to be together.  Two years later Tommy took advantage of a career opportunity in Southern California and Lorene decided to join him.   That Christmas he proposed to her (at the very same coffee shop where they had their first date) and here we are, planning the wedding excited for you all to be part of the next new chapter in our lives! 

Wedding Details

Our Story


The wedding ceremony and reception will be on a yacht called The Eternity, on the Sea in beautiful Newport Beach, Ca.

We encourage everyone to plan to be there at 3pm as they load the boat at 3:30 sharp...don't be late or you will literally miss the boat!  The boat will dock at 9pm.


This is a formal occasion and there will be plenty of comforts for everyone!